Do you consider your calling to heal people, do you feel you have enough strength for that, but, so far, you are not sure how you can do it? Or, maybe, you are already involved in healing people but you would like to do it better? After its 22 years of research, the Institute of Life is here to help you!
(It’s quite possible that if 150 years ago, when the famous French science-fiction author Jules Verne was writing his novels, someone had said that this was not fiction but a description of reality, it would not even have been funny: everybody knew it was just make-belief. But, surprisingly, 50 or 100 years later, it turned out that almost everything described in his books was true. And, probably, if 100 years ago someone had suggested that the amount of fuel as small as a matchbox would be enough to let a ship sail he would have been laughed at. But 50 years later every school student knew that exactly this amount of atomic fuel could enable a gigantic nuclear-powered ship to sail for several months.

Maybe, this is the reason why 25 years ago, when we were already accustomed to the miracles worked by science and were introduced to another wonder – a portable computer, if someone had said that you could click on an image on the screen and get to the required page – not just in your computer but in your personal phone, without studying computer codes and even without a mouse, people would not have laughed at such a person because who knows… People simply knew that it was not possible at that particular time yet. 

After all this, when we say today that, having combined the unique knowledge from ancient sacred books, many years of experience, programming and the Internet technologies, we created a unique device for complete healing, with automatic alignment of diagnostics and treatment – a system that allows, just by pressing the button in the license, render essential help in treating several, G-d forbid, grave diseases and relieve their course, - make the right estimation! If this is true, the device will help you to heal much better, to keep you from losing strength in the healing process, to protect you against unwanted energies and, maybe, even to save somebody’s life! If this is not true, you will waste just a few minutes to read this page to the end. So – even it seems to be the author’s oddity or misbelief, maybe you could still spare several more minutes?


Life Formula

The Life Formula, in its operating mode for healers, is one of the new developments aimed at assisting the healer, without losing his energy or making mistakes, to connect the person under treatment to the Higher positive energy, to amend his Karmic and energy aberrations in his current and previous incarnations. The formula we created, in its healing mode, will not just prevent you from losing your energy but will also help you to become even stronger and healthier; the formula will help   not to catch unwanted energy from your patient, as well.

We should stress, however, that the permission given to the healer to use our Life Formula is NOT a legal permission to treat but a complementary means to assist a certified doctor and/or healer without prejudice to any conventional means of diagnostics and treatment.

Dear Healer,

You are starting to use an amazing program that is the result of years of hard work aimed at providing an opportunity to treat a patient in the most efficient way without causing any harm to the healer.

The following brief instruction is by no means formalistic and is not intended to hamper the healer’s work but is written solely to make his work more efficient. That is why it is required to strictly follow its simple directions.

The instruction not only facilitates the correctness of the treatment sessions but also helps to establish the right form of healer-patient relationship from the very beginning, thus contributing to correct planning of the treatment course.

These directions are not at all complicated; they just require that you concentrate for half an hour once, before you start using the program, and this half an hour, G-d willing, will help you at all times in future to enhance the efficiency of your treatment sessions - not just considerably but multifold. However, those who ignore these directions simply damage the treatment, and in this case, to protect both the healer and the patient, the program may disconnect, partially or completely, from the current treatment session. 
Directions only for the first (introductory) session

1. Before starting the first session:

1.1. Read attentively all the directions on this page.

1.2. Copy the license to your computer or to your email.

1.3. Only before using the program for the first time send us an email at with a simple and informal text including your first and last name and your email address (e.g. “I, first and last name, email address, accept the warnings and ask you to activate the certificate copied for me for the period of its trial use / for the payment period).

2. Before* you start treating any of your patients, you should conduct the first treatment session for yourself. 
2.1. Open the copy of the license on the screen of your computer or your mobile phone.
2.2. Say aloud the words written on the big blue button in your copy of the license and, to confirm your words, touch this button; after that let your license stay open (on the screen) for 59 minutes.
2.3. Then close the file with the image of the license.

3. After the first session (the session you have done for yourself), you should drink a large glass of water and rest for 20 minutes; avoid doing hard physical work and driving at high speed.

All the following instructions should be carried out ONLY AFTER the above mentioned first session. In case these instructions were carried out earlier, all these actions should be cancelled and then done anew.

4. Three hours after the above session or later (but prior to the first treatment session with another patient) you should do the following:
- Create a single-purpose email box you will be using ONLY for treatment with the help of Healer’s Formula and other devices offered by our Institute.
  • For each patient, create his/her personal folder;
  • Create also another – independent - folder where, in individual letters, you will put down your impressions from the healing session performed with the help of Healer’s Formula.
Instructions for a regular treatment session
1. After you have made the payment, you should copy the license that you are going to use in the treatment sessions.
2.1. Be sure to accept the Formula in advance, before the session, and not in the presence of the patient.
To this end, say aloud the underlined words written on the big blue button in your license, touch this button and then let your license stay open (on the screen) for 7-20 minutes.
If during the period between the acceptance of the Formula and the treatment session you conflicted with anybody or performed an action whose worthiness or correctness seem to you questionable, accept the Formula once again (before the start of the next session). This is important because the Formula will help you to correct the fault and return to the state of harmony with the Universe and also because, after the correction is made, your treatment session will be more successful.
2.2. Before the beginning of the session, you should start a draft letter using the above mailbox, where you will write down all the patient’s complaints. If there are any supporting medical documents, you should copy them and attach as enclosed files to the draft letter. After that, send this letter at the email mentioned above, as well as at This letter should be transferred to the folder created for the given patient.
2.3. You should, without fail, warn the patient that, due to the very high efficiency of the curative and energy effect of the Formula, especially during the first session (because the patient is connected additionally to a number of new for him energy sources), within 30 minutes after the first session he should drink a large glass of water and avoid physical exercise and driving. Later, during the next 2-3 hours, he should avoid doing hard physical work and driving at high speed. If this is not possible, you should either postpone the first session or conduct a distant treatment session, when the patient is at home and is able to observe the above limitations.

It should be noted that these limitations are conditioned by the fact that after the first session many patients experience something similar tipsiness and almost 100% feel somewhat drowsy. Those who experience these conditions to a large extent are not allowed to drive before the “tipsiness” and drowsiness are over.

3. If, during the treatment session, the patient is in the same room where the healer is, he should stay at least 2-2.5 meters away from the healer. If this condition is not observed, the curing effect may be substantially weaker.
4.1. Open your copy of the license on the screen of your computer or your mobile phone.
4.2. (Only if you have already accepted today the Formula according to what is stipulated in clause 2.1 above.) 
Having said before touching that you are doing this to treat the patient (pronounce his first and last name) whom you are going to deal with in the current session.
Touch button 7 in the upper line of small buttons.

The recommended duration of the session is 56 minutes (meaning the part of the session that starts after pressing button 7). If you wish to reduce the session duration, then, after pronouncing the patient’s name, say how long this session will be. It is strictly forbidden to change the duration (of the current session) you have set. 

4.3. Wait for several more minutes, then close the file with the image of your license.

4.4. After that, it is desirable (but not necessary) to stay idle for the period of time equal to the session duration plus 5 minutes more. That is, if, in order to conduct a treatment session, you pronounced the name of the patient at 12:30 and closed the License on the screen at 13:26, then it is desirable to wait for another 61 minutes without performing any activity, in particular without communicating with anybody, especially without starting a new treatment session for another patient. However, it is allowed and recommended to use this time for writing down in the email your impressions from the treatment session and your recommendations for the patient who has just undergone treatment.
But if there is a patient who already has an appointment, or a new patient to be seen, you should not postpone the appointment waiting till the set time period is over but see the patient at the appointed time.

5. Not later than 24 hours after the session you should contact the patient and let him give you the most detailed information of the session’s impact. It is especially important after the first session, since this can, on the one hand, help you to make your impact more efficient and, on the other hand, help the patient to take in the treatment in the best possible way.

We will be happy to contribute to your success

Consumer prices
  • The use of the Life Formula without using the healer’s mode: $100 per month.
  • The use of the Life Formula in the healer’s mode: $35 per month and $75 per each patient per month, on condition of complete advance payment.
*But at a seminar on healing under the guidance of an experienced healer representing our Institute it is allowed to conduct a session for another person even without previously accepting the Formula.
Disclaimer: Despite the fact that the using this product greatly helps the spiritual development of the person (and it is known that good spiritual health also contributes to good physical health), it is not a certified medical product. And it is very likely that according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, anyone who is interested in using it not only for spiritual development of a person, but also for medical reasons, should take medical help before using this product or in case the symptoms, for which the product is taken, worsen or do not pass.
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