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We are pleased to inform that after 10 years of hard work, we have created a unique device and program that can help (sorry for the pathos, but this is true) the whole world!

By simply pressing a button in the license, you can almost immediately achieve what you could only dream of yesterday.

Granted the right to test the device for one week without money or financial data.

Therefore, even if at first this device seems very strange or even unrealistic to you, do not lose this opportunity!

What does this internet device and the unique program run by it do?

This device helps to run the unique program. And the program help the user to realize themselves, achieve happiness, spiritual growth and harmony with the world and be constantly connected to positive energy! (And these are not common words. You can see that it actually works).

And in case of illness, this program automatically and immediately, even before a medical diagnosis is made, provides a very effective energy therapy that will help a much faster and easier recovery.

Also, this program is very successful in helping to relieve mental stress and quickly and effectively get rid of headaches.

How does it works? And what does the International Meditation Center have to do with it?

You don't have to do anything special. You only have to sit comfortably, press a big button in the device-license to start the program. And this program for meditation will do everything for you! Very effective and with great benefit, immediately and at a high level.

So you don't need to specifically focus, or disconnect from everything, or specifically tune in to something. Also, even minimal previous experience is not required. All you need is just to sit comfortably and press the button in the license. 

And one more, perhaps the most important feature of this program is that it works for you not only when you sit and meditate. But also after that, all the day and constantly on this day, this unique meditation program continues to create and maintain for you these mentioned above state of true harmony with the Universe and the people around you and the constant connection to the most suitable for you sources of the positive energy.

It is clear that all this sounds like a fairy tale. But it has been proven over the years, by specialists together with many users.

In addition, it is clear that we would not translate this material into 70 languages, pay for advertising, and then give the right to check without money, obligations to continue and financial data, if we were not completely confident in the operation of this program!

When and how can I start using it?

Time for ordering and waiting for the device and for turning on the program is not required.

The license, which is on this page, is also a simple and convenient Internet device for using this program in various modes. You can copy it now.

The name of the program is "Formula of Life". It may not be very original, but it is quite true. After all, this program really helps a lot to immediately and truly improve Life. Fill it with new, positive energy and new, good meaning!

Our Center wishes successful use to you.

Instructions for use

Only once before the first use

1. Print the license from this link:

The license-device for use the program

(If you don't have a color printer, you can also print it in black and white)

Please note that each user must have his personal copied license. And this license cannot be transferred to another user so that it does not stop working.

If now it is difficult for you to print the license, then you can temporarily use the license image above to work with our program.

2. Write (in a free form) that you want to start the test use by e-mail: 


(You do not need to wait for a response. You can start using immediately after sending the letter).

3. At the end of the first week of using the program, you will be able to continue using it for the subscription fee indicated below.

On any day of using

All you need to do to use this device is:

1. (Enough to do once a day. Not on Saturday.) To improve health, develop personality, connect to positive energy and create harmony with the Universe:

Sit comfortably, say the words written on the right big button in your license, and touch this button. And continue to sit comfortably for about 13 minutes.

(Please note! If you want to temporarily use the license image above, at the moment you press any button, all or most of the above license image should be on the screen).

2. To reduce or even completely relieve psychological stress (provided that you have performed what is specified in paragraph 1, at least once on this day):

Sit comfortably and touch button 4 three times. Continue to sit comfortably for about 12 minutes.

3. If you need help in healing (on condition that you have performed what is specified in paragraph 1, at least once on this day):

Sit comfortably. Touch button 3 twice. Continue sitting for about 6 minutes without speaking to anyone or doing anything else. Anyone who felt bad before this, for about an hour should not do hard work and to grow cold.

4. In order to be connected with powerful positive energy that helps you to discover your talents and to improve yourself and to strengthen your health including immunity. And desides (if it is necessary) to help you accelerate the treatment and facilitating the course of the disease (on condition that you have performed what is specified in paragraph 1, at least once on this day):

Sit comfortably, press button 6 and then click on this link

After that, on the next page with the image of a gray square, click on the top link "Activate".

Then will open a page with a white square. Leave it (this page with a white square) on the screen for 8 minutes.

on't look at this page, just stay in front of it.

If you use a printed license, it must remain open until the end of the work specified in this paragraph (4).

Pay attention!

- The first use of this device, you need to sit 30-35 minutes, and then you should drink a large glass of water. Then (this first time) for 2-3 hours it will be necessary to refrain from doing hard work, as well as from fast driving (90 km/ph or more).

- Do not engage in extraneous matters while working with the device!

- It is recommended to drink more than usual. Especially if, thanks to the reception of the new energy and / or treatment with the help of the program, you significantly increase your activity.

- Each user must have his own printed license.

The license-device for use the program

For several different users, it is recommended to keep each printed license in a separate folder, marking each such folder.

If in this time you don't have your printed copy of the license, and so at this tine you are using the image of the license on this page above, then in order to enable new person to use the program, it is necessary to close this page on the screen and raise it again, already for this very person. Or, and it is better, to bring this page up for this very person on a different screen.

Additional recommendations:

- After working with the program, return a copy of the printed license to its separate folder.

- For those who regularly pray in the  morning, it is recommended to start working with the program after the end of the morning pray.

- When working with the program, it is recommended to state at the distance of 2.5 meters or more from other people.

- Since the program helps the user to connect to positive energy, it is strongly recommended not to commit non-positive actions! (Of course, this is also necessary if you do not use the "Formula of Life" program).

Our institute wishes you, with G-d's help, to deserve a healthy and happy life for long and good days and years!

Best regards, The Institute of Life

For contact: secretariat2@lifeformula.name

Disclaimer: Although the use of this product is very helpful for the spiritual development of the individual (and good mental health is known to contribute to good physical health as well), it is not a certified medical product. And it is very likely that, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, anyone who is interested in using the program not only for the spiritual development of the individual, but also for medical reasons, should seek medical help even before using this product, or at least if the symptoms, according to which this product is accepted, deteriorate or do not pass away.


The consumer price

Let us emphasize right away that those who find it difficult to pay the entire amount can only pay what they want and receive the rest of money in the form of charitable assistance from the owner of the program. But each time no more than one month in advance.

Consumer prices are:

- $ 100 per month or 

- $ 10 per day or

- $ 360 per half of year or

- $ 650 per year



PayPal payment

You can pay for using this device by the credit card, through the secure payment system PayPal, by clicking on one of the buttons below.  

"PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows almost anyone to pay online or on mobile, without sharing their financial information with the sellers".



Bank payment in Israel:
                                        Nishmat Israel Name
                                           Nishmat Israel Name
POB 36234 Receiver’s Address
Jerusalem City
9136102 Zip Code
Israel Country
Israel Post Bank Bank Name
8278526 Account

Most bank payment information:
Nishmat Israel Name
POB 36234 Receiver’s Address
Jerusalem City
9136102 Zip Code
Israel Country
Israel Post Bank Bank Name
IL210090010000008278526 IBAN
(Sharei Yerushalaim (Gate of Jerusalem Branch Name
BEN Type of charge
                                    NY Deutsche Bank              Bank Name



* It is not permitted to copy the License and / or use it from the moment the sun sets on Friday until the stars come out at the end of Saturday.





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