Before committing we’d like to report briefly about the invention and organization. “The Institute of Life” founded by the “Nishmat Israel” company got at its disposal and conducted additional research and elaboration on the basis of the received information and on the basis of the sources of the Kabbalah and Chassidism in the sphere of energetic fields of a human being and their influence on the process of improvement as subsidiary medicine.

The invented appliance discloses positive energy, which promotes recovery from diseases without doing harm to a human body. A formula was created while working at the appliance and studying the information above. While pronouncing the formula a human being joins a special kind of super energies.

These super energies should promote better physical and psychological state, better assimilation of food, raise effectiveness of health-improving gymnastics and, that is extremely important, promote curing from diseases.

Unique healing device and program

We are pleased to announce that after 10 years of hard work, we finally created a unique device and the program that can help (sorry for the pathos, but this is true) the whole world!

The main objectives 
of the device and program are to help a person:
· become more healthy and happy, reveal talents, realize yourself, 
· be in a state of complete harmony with the Universe and surrounding people,

· in each of human being's positive and even neutral actions to connect to the High positive energy.
Including that these device and program automatically and immediately diagnose the disease and immediately provide the right help for treatment!
But in the case when a person takes the right pills, he needs time for his body to begin to heal its bioenergy systems and to restore and to activate the necessary energy processes. 
However, in the case when this person receives the correct energy therapy, healing begins immediately. 

If a person takes these right pills, then additional good and proper energy treatment will significantly improve and accelerate their effect and the complete cure. 

But even if there are no pills, then this correct energy therapy can significantly, and sometimes completely help also without pills. 

And this program gives this correct energy therapy. 

So, the most probably is that with G-d's help this program will also promote to cure Coronavirus and get immunity from it! 

All that is required for use is to read carefully at least 1-2 time the instructions for use (within 10-15 minutes) given on this page below and to follow them punctually.

At the same time, we emphasize that the program is not the substitution of conventional treatment or diagnosis. Its task, in this case, is to help strengthening of the immune system and, in the case there is the disease, significantly relieve the course of the disease and accelerate recovery from it.

Therefore, we also emphasize that (state of today) even a significant relief of the symptoms of the disease, as a result of using the program, does not in any way set free a person (who did not feel well before using this program) from the obligation to do the checking and to be on the quarantine, etc., in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health!

Yours faithfully,

Endowment The Institute of Torah of Life

      If you want

· to be really healthy
· to be treated better by people
· to see good features in the people and to discover good in yourself
· to be in true harmony with the Universe
· to sleep better
· to improve your health
· to be connected to positive energy (we aspire to eat healthy food) but it is even more important to consume healthy energy
· to become a person of the future: perfect and able to control emotions
· to reveal your potential
· to do the highest level meditation without even initial preparation
· in case of need, to help for yourself in treating a diseases

 All this is possible without losing yourself, on the contrary: you will be lifting up and improving yourself thus disclosing your personality.

You can achieve all the above and much more with the help of Life Formula.
So how does it work?!

It is known and clear to everyone that one of the foundations of a healthy and happy life is the state of harmony between a person, the Universe, and the people around him, his correct spiritual interaction and energy exchange with them.

(This condition helps not only to stay healthy, but also to defeat much quicker a disease and prevent its recurrence. Indeed, the restoration of true harmony helps not only to get rid of the symptoms of the disease but also to treat the source of it, thus curing it completely.)

But where can we find the strength and time to learn all this?

With G-d's help, after many years of work and great effort, we were able to create a very clever and, therefore, very easy for use software. 

Using Life Formula provides the creation and support of the ideal condition for user, including correct and harmonious interaction with the Universe and people around him, as well as for good connection to positive energy. The program provides individual customization for each specific user, opening up exactly the program opens up exactly those types of the Higher positive energy that are necessary for him personally.

We'll be happy if you use our method and our device. We are confident that, with G-d's help, they will help you to achieve a better life: a healthy, long and happy Life

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