1.1. One who uses this formula needs to know that it has gone through successful several tests in The Institute of Life, but still have not finished all the tests. This formula is now in the process of tests, and while this process is not finished – must apply to it only as a test. We must warn that the Owner and / or the manufacturer and (or / and any of their representatives) will have no liability whatsoever for any result of using the formula.

1.2. Permission to use the formulas, devices, or pictures that are offered on the website, including the use of them after the payment, does not constitute a guarantee of any result and / or medical assistance. This formula is a tool and key for a balanced and healthy life and a significant improvement (in obtaining of the positive energy and in other aspects) of any positive action of the user of the formula (and this in any case helps for improving of health and as well as for improving of the effectiveness of proper treatment of conventional medicine). And even in the case of healing with the help of the formula, device or picture, this is healing or / and additional help for conventional medicine, and not the replacement of treatment or diagnosis.

1.3. To avoid misunderstanding of the use the formula, it is clarified that the only official source of information about the work of the formula and the conditions for its use (except for prices, which in certain cases can be provided at the discretion of the official representatives) is the official project website www.lifeformula.co.il. No representative or employee is authorized to provide any other information that contradicts, diminishes, or supplements to the content of this site, but only to promote the correct use of the formula within the framework indicated on this site. And it is clarified in advance that the Owner and / or the Manufacturer and / or any of his representative or employee are not responsible for any information that contradicts, diminishes or adds to the content of this site (even if it is provided by any of their representative or employee), and all responsibility for verification of information lies on the user. However, the user has the right to write to the support service with any question. And the Owner will make efforts to publish the answers to those questions on the site about the use of the formula (namely which are set by users but not yet published on the site). And each user who asked a new question will receive the right to use the formula free of charge for the period from the moment of his contact to support service and up to 10 days after the publication of the answer to his question on this website.
User agrees that the Owner and / or the Manufacturer and / or any of his representative or employee are not responsible for the consequences of non-compliance by the user of these warnings.

2. If you are a healer, you should, without fail, warn the patient that, due to the very high efficiency of the curative and energy effect of the Formula, especially during the first session (because the patient may be connected additionally to a number of new for him energy sources), within 30 minutes after the first session he should drink a large glass of water and avoid physical work and driving. Later, during the next 2-3 hours, he should avoid doing hard physical work and driving at high speed. If this is not possible, you should either postpone the first session or conduct a distant treatment session, when the patient is at home and is able to observe the above limitations.
It should be noted that these limitations are conditioned by the fact that after the first session many patients experience something similar tipsiness and almost 100% feel somewhat drowsy. Those who experience these states to a large extent are not allowed to drive before the “tipsiness” and drowsiness are over.
3. From the beginning of the use of this formula, your body should immediately save an additional amount of water in the cells. The fact that the processes of creation and use of energy within the cells of your body require the appropriate amount of water – so the tissues and organs of your body need new water – for healthy functioning. It is also necessary to remove harmful substances from the body.
Just as in the case of strong antibiotics to drink a lot and when they start using this formula, you need to drink a lot – because the use of the formula – is joining the new powerful forms of energy that are new to the patient’s body, especially in the first few hours and days. And just as people add to their body types of energy that that was not enough, just in parallel with this, he must add an additional amount of body fluid.

Pay attention! Active actions require abundant drink! This means if a person feels weak for a long time, or even a few hours, and does not drink much water, but now, after he delivered the above formula, then he recovered and felt a sudden surge of additional forces and began to work actively – then the body of this man needs a lot more fluid!
If people continue to drink the same amount of water, as during weakness, without adding extra liquid, but with the addition of physical activity – it can lead to nausea, dehydration and strong headaches. Why is this happening? The fact is that when a person lies or reduces physical activity – even if he is drinking insufficient fluid – the body does not lose much water. But when physical activity increases, and he drinks enough, his body loses a lot of fluids!

How much extra water should you drink?

Studies have shown that an adult drinks 2-3 liters a day. However, if he is additionally involved in sports for an hour, he must add 2(!) liters of water to the amount of fluid intake. Therefore, if a person using the formula, suddenly passed from weakness to an active physical activity – he has to drink more, at least 1.5 – 3.5 liters of water on the first day using the formula still 1.5-2 liters of water during the second day, starting from the third days and then – drink 1-2 liters more than usual. This means that if prior to the use of the formula people drink 1.5 liters a day – then after he started using, the formula he must first drink 3-4.5 liters per day, second day – at least 3-3.5 liters, and the third days and then – at least 2.5-3.5 liters per day. And only in a few months one can reduce the amount of fluid intake to about what was before, but it is only after consulting a specialist.

Pay attention! Drinking plenty of water – is a major effort, especially in the first few days – it can be very difficult – but it’s worth it! Because with the help of this person, using the formula begins to live a new life – much healthier!

4. The right to use the products may to be (but is not required), by decision of the owner of these products, also due to other conditions listed on the official website of the owner.


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