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Life Formula

      If you want

· to be really healthy
· to be treated better by people
· to see good features in the people and to discover good in yourself
· to be in true harmony with the Universe
· to sleep better
· to improve your health
· to be connected to positive energy (we aspire to eat healthy food) but it is even more important to consume healthy energy
· to become a person of the future: perfect and able to control emotions
· to reveal your potential
· to do the highest level meditation without even initial preparation
· to help yourself in treating your diseases, in case you need it
 All this is possible without losing yourself, on the contrary: you will be lifting up and improving yourself thus disclosing bully your personality.
 You can achieve all the above and much more with the help of Life Formula.


So how does it work?!

It is known and clear to everyone that one of the foundations of a healthy and happy life is the state of harmony between a person, the Universe, and the people around him, his correct spiritual interaction and energy exchange with them.
(This condition helps not only to stay healthy, but also to defeat much quicker a disease and prevent its recurrence. Indeed, the restoration of true harmony helps not only to get rid of the symptoms of the disease but also to treat the source of it, thus curing it completely.)
But where can we find the strength and time to learn all this?
With G-d's help, after many years of work and great effort, we were able to create a very clever and, therefore, very easy for use software. 
Using Life Formula provides the creation and support of the ideal condition for user, including correct and harmonious interaction with the Universe and people around him, as well as for good connection to positive energy. The program provides individual customization for each specific user, opening up exactly the program opens up exactly those types of the Higher positive energy that are necessary for him personally.
We'll be happy if you use our method and our device. We are confident that, with G-d's help, they will help you to achieve a better life: a healthy, long and happy Life!


License for use Life Formula

License for use Life Formula


How can l use the Formula?

1. Pay for using the Formula and copy the file with the license.

2. All that is needed to be able to use the main program can be explained in just two sentences: 

- Decide for yourself how long you would like to work with the Formula today (and do not change the time without great need);
- Display the file with the license that is copied for you, read the words written on the big button in it, and touch this button.
And the program starts working! 
Hard to believe? Try it yourself!


 The details that will enable you to use the Formula in the best possible way

Only once for a payment period:

1. To pay for use the Formula.
2. To copy the license for you from the file of the License above to your computer and/or cellphone and/or print it out, so that it is in your possession when you use it. 

Any day*:

1. Choose a comfortable for you place to set down. 
Decide for yourself how long you would like to work with the Formula today. 
Every day you can choose the desired amount of time to work with the formula. But the recommended time for strengthening health is for 7-31 minutes and to help in curing diseases is for 25-55 minutes. The Formula can help you to develop intercommunication with the sources of the Higher positive energy in accordance with your decision, so, in order to achieve a meaningful result, do not, under any circumstances, change the time you set.

2. Open your copy of the license on the screen (or take your printed copy of the license from the folder), say the words written on the big button located on the license and, to verify your words touch this button.

3. Your copy of the license in a file on your computer or mobile phone (or your printed license) should stay open on the screen for the complete duration of time mentioned in paragraph 1. above and then (after this time) be removed from the screen (or returned to its folder).

4. When the license is open, it is recommended that the user be at the distance of at least 2.5 meters from any other person.

5. It is also recommended that you remind yourself before eating any food or before any physical activity that you will be doing it according to the Formula. 


How to receive more energy and/or to activate special treatment**

1. If you want or need to receive more positive energy, you should stay in the room where the license is open at least 1-4 times per day for 7-30 minutes each time.
2. Each time touch the blue button number 6 on your (digital) license and then (on the new page that opens up) click the link "Activate". The new (second) page that opens up after that should stay open on the screen (each time) for strengthening of health for 7-15 minutes and to help in curing diseases for 31-55 minutes.
(3. If your license is printed on paper: touch the (lower) blue button number 6 on your (printed) license and then click
this link. Then (on the new page that is opened) click the link "Activate". The new (second) page that is opened it should stay open on the screen during the time mentioned above in paragraph 2.)


4. Using button 4 in the second line you also activate:   

- after one touch on this button - an additional special procedure of harmonization between you and the World and the people in it!   

- after three touches in a row on this button - a special therapeutic and health meditation, which will be done in very hight level, automatically, and which is well helps the treatment and, in particular, relieve mental tension.                      


5. In order to activate special treatment, press button 3 twice. After that, stay for several minutes on the seat where you are sitting or reclining; you are also warned against talking to anyone in these few minutes. (Unlike the procedure described in paragpaph 2., you do not have to move to another page in this case: the image of your license shall remain on the screen but the process of special treatment will be launched.)

Pay attention! The healing effect achieved by means of button 3 can be very, very powerful! It is certainly good. Then why do you need additional precautions? – Because, in some ways, a person’s condition after the use of button 3 mentioned above is similar to the condition after recovering from a disease: one feels fine, nothing hurts or disturbs you any longer, but there a feeling of weakness. If at this time a person is careful enough he will soon be perfectly well. But if he overworks doing hard physical work or is exposed to cold, this may, G-d forbid, have some sad results. That is why, for two hours after the mentioned use of button 3, no hard physical work is allowed, and neither is exposure to cold for several hours.
6. To add even more positive energy, before any physical activity and before eating and drinking, say: "I have received the Life Formula and I am doing this according to it".


Special precautions during initial use

The first time you connect, you should rest for 20 minutes after receiving the formula and drink a large glass of water. Avoid physical exercise and driving at high speeds for 2–3 hours. If possible, avoid driving altogether.
It is possible that during the first 20 minutes you will experience a burning sense in your throat and a light headache that should pass once you drink a large glass of water.



The price for the user***: $ 100 per month or $7000 for unlimited use.
But someone who has no money but wants to use the Formula, can pay as much as he/she can for the current month and will receive the balance as a charity from the owner

Ways to Pay


* It is not allowed to copy the license and to use it from the sunset on Friday until the stars appear at the end of Saturday.


** If you said today (in one of the languages) what is written on the big button in your license and if your license is valid for today


*** that is full price


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